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    Once per week, all players can compete against each other to designate the stronger.

    Best Warrior event works in two phases. First of all, there will be 10 minutes of qualification. During qualification phase, players will automatically be selected to fight 1 vs 1. They have 1 minute maximum for each match. The winner takes 240 points, loser takes 100. If the match is not over after 1 minute, the player with less BR is designated winner. At the end of the 10 minutes of qualification the 16 first are qualified for second phase. Other players will not participate, but they will be able to bet on next fights.

    In second phase, the first will face several opponents at the same time. It will start with a 1 vs 2 fight, if the promoted player win, fights will continue and number of opponents will increase 1vs 4 then 1 vs 6 … Maximum is 1 versus all qualified players.

    Don’t quit in second phase waiting your matches, players qualified who go out of the event while waiting will not be able to enter in group fights.
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    Why ?

    Celestial Title to win (12000 BR)
    Exploit points and Medals farming
    Massive xp farming

    Where ?

    Event hall

    When ?

    Saturday at 21:00

    Tips ?

    Choose the right skill in God’s weapon (stun or bleeding).
    Even if you have a bad ranking, you will win a lot of xp by participating and you can also win rewards by betting.
    For the promoted player, you will face many opponents, try to order your focus instead of hitting as fast as possible.
    For players in front of the promoted, if even by being in group you can’t win, you just have to stretch out the fight. If only one player of your group survive during a minute, you win automatically. So use all your stun skill and run to win time.

    Rewards ?
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