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    Once per week, the 8 most powerful guilds can participate. Guild battleground is divided in three rounds. Each round last 10 minutes.
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    In each round, the two guilds facing will have to take control of outer base (A points on the screenshot) to be able to convert the central base (B). The guild which control the central base at the end of the round win.

    Obviously, it will not only be a question of power, here the strategy is dominating
    For example a guild controlling central base during 9min40 but losing it just at the end after a coordinated attack will lose the fight. Indeed you will always need to protect central with a group and protect/convert outer bases with one or two mobile groups.

    Winning guild access to next round. You also have two kinds of personal rewards in this event :

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    If you don’t have enough opponents in front of you, you can also attack creep around bases or Flame and Ice guards in front of guilds’ spawn points.

    Why ?

    Most important event of the week.

    30 Athena’s blood to win

    90 Gold tokens

    Massive soul stones & rune stones farming

    Title for all players in the winning guild.

    Where ?

    Event hall

    When ?

    Sunday at 20:00

    Tips ?

    - Guild Leader can summon all his guildmates during this event so guild leader has to lead the group defending or attacking the central base during the 2 last minutes of this event.

    - As in camp conquest don’t forget your bonus skill 4 which can greatly help in tough fights.

    - Choose the right skill in god’s weapon (here stun or slow are better, bleeding can be useful against strong opponents).

    - Be careful, the boss at opponent spawn point can OS anything.

    Rewards ?

    Click image for larger version

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