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    A classic content of bodyguard, do it absolutly during the event period to win rewards x2.

    Each you can guard 3 goddesses and attack up to 10 godesses of your opponents to win xp and gold

    First of all, you can refresh the quality of your godess. There are 5 qualities, green to red, higher is the quality higher will be the reward. VIP permits to have some free refresh.
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    Then you can use Godess Token available in the shop with euclase or bound euclase.
    Try to always refresh until Gold or Red goddess.

    Once you obtained gold or red quality, you can start (add protection time to avoid any loss in case of attack). You have to follow and protect your goddess all over the map.
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    On the map, you can take up to 3 xp chests to increase your bodyguard rewards.
    In this event you can also attack goddess of ther players, you can loot 10% of each godess attacked.

    Why ?

    Massive xp farming
    Rewards x2 during event periods.

    Where ?

    Event hall

    When ?

    Rewards doubled during two periods : 17:30 to 18:00 and 22:10 to 22:40
    Tips ?

    When you take an exp boost chest, you goddess win a temporary speed bonus. So don’t take 3 chests on the same stop, try to take one on each chest zone, you will finish faster and limit attack risks.

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